Linux News Today: Valve Now Lets Steam Controller Users Carry Their Configurations to Any PC

Valve continues to improve upon the Steam Controller, and the latest Steam Beta update is further proof that you can’t beat Valve at their own game.

Gamers are used to buying a controller or getting one with the console and just using it as it is. Valve continues to prove that you can do much more with a controller and that users should really expect a lot more from their devices.

New users of the Steam Controller expect to get just that, a controller. Valve doesn’t agree to that and has turned the controller into a new experience. It’s an entirely new device coming with new rules which need to be learned. Sure, you can pretend that it’s a lame generic controller and live your life like that, or you can check out what it can do and see that Valve has just scratched the surface.

This is still a Beta release

It’s important to note that the bulk of the new features and the improved support for Steam Controller is available, for now, at least, only in the Steam, beta client. The latest update is for this branch, but it’s very likely that it will change.

“After you get the update, you’ll be prompted to register your controller to your account. Doing this tells Steam, which account to draw configurations from. After you’ve then personalized your controller, you’ll go through a migration process, where we take any configurations you’ve made and move them over to the new system. This could take a little while if you have a lot of configurations, but it will be a one-time operation,” the Valve devs are saying.

This means that the Steam Controller can be linked with the Steam account. If you connect the controller to another PC, with a different account, you’ll still have access to your configuration, without having to log in.

Also, Trigger Mouse Dampening options for soft pull/soft+full pull have been added, mouse region snapping support for non-mode-shifted mouse regions has been implemented, and the default Deadzone type for Joystick Move on Right Pad is now Circle.

If you want to get access to all of these goodies, you’ll need to get the Steam Beta.

Via Softpedia

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