Linux News Today: Vendetta Online 3D Space Combat Game Gets Halloween Release with Many Android Fixes

Guild Software thought that it will be nice for its Vendetta Online players to receive a new double update of the game, so that they don’t get bored on Halloween night.

The Vendetta Online 1.8.357-358 update is here for all supported platforms, including Android, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Microsoft Windows, bringing all sort of improvements, bugfixes, and various new features.

According to the release notes, Vendetta Online 1.8.357-358 fixes various fog-related rendering issues on the Android platform, improves the navigation of the user interface with remotes and gamepads, and reorganizes various keyboard shortcuts for Capship PDA tabs.

A new setting has been added for toggling the fog blob particles on the Android platform, which has been enabled by default on devices running the Android 5.x mobile operating system or later, as well as for high-end Snapdragon and Tegra devices.

The fog blob particle enabler is located in the Graphics section under Advanced Options, it is called Show Fog Blobs and can be activated each time you notice that the effect is slow on your Android device.

Moreover, there are various improvements to some ANR (Activity Not Responding) issues on the Android platform, the PatchStorm update server has been updated with new nodes, an issue with the Livery button has been fixed, and the duration of the black screen has been reduced for low-end PCs and Android devices.

Special development for OEM promotion, work on Vendetta Online 1.9 continues

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Guild Software is currently preparing a special version of the game for a big electronics company that wants to distributed new promotional channels to their customers.

“In the case of this past week, we were offered an opportunity by a major OEM (electronics company) to help them test some new promotional channels to their millions of users,” reads the announcement.

When they will be done with the OEM partner, they will concentrate their efforts on the next major release of the game, Vendetta Online 1.9, which should be out sometime next year. In the meantime, all players can update to Vendetta Online 1.8.357-358 right now.

Via Softpedia

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