Linux News Today: Vivaldi Beta 2 Has Arrived

Vivaldi, a web browser developed by one of the Opera founders and a large independent team, has finally reached the Beta 2 milestone, almost a year after the initial launch.

Users have been skeptic, at first, when they heard that yet another Internet browser is being built, but the fact that the project is headed by an Opera founder gave people enough hope to think that it’s going to be something different.

The new browser is based on Chromium, just like Opera, but the developers of Vivaldi didn’t like the direction of the Opera project, so they decided to go separate ways. With just one look at the new browser, you can easily see that it’s quite different from Opera.

Vivaldi Beta 2 is here

Vivaldi is spending a lot of time in development, but that’s normal, especially if we take a look at the number of features that are being implemented. When a stable version is reached, Vivaldi will be a complete browser and not something that needs constant updates.

“After 4 technical previews, 2 Betas and almost 12 more months of hard work, we are getting closer to a Vivaldi 1.0. Even though we still have a lot of work ahead of us, it is a good feeling to see what we have accomplished this year as a team and as a community,” developers wrote on their official blog.

Their main goal is to simplify the experience of Internet browsing, and Vivaldi is doing a great job. The fact that they managed to move to a Beta branch is a clear sign that the application is getting better and that it’s getting ready for prime time.

There is still no time frame for Vivaldi, and it’s difficult to anticipate when a stable version will be reached, but it’ll probably take a few months to see anything in this regard. You can download Vivaldi from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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