Linux News Today: Vivaldi Internet Browser Moves to Beta

Vivaldi, a web browser developed by one of the Opera founders and his team, has finally moved out of the initial stages of development and into Beta. It’s a been a long road for Vivaldi, but the new browser is now taking shape, and we can get a better glimpse at what’s to come.

Vivaldi is a browser that was born from the desire to do something unlike anything we already have, and in this respect, it’s as different as it could possibly be.

Besides being different, the browser is also really fast and has a minimalist interface, although it comes with a host of features underneath. And, to make things even better, some big features are still being planned.

The first Vivaldi build was announced back in January 2015. Since then, the project has been in a sort of Alpha state, only that versions went by the name of snapshots.

It managed to gather quite a lot of users, despite being incomplete and full of bugs. In time, the experience on Vivaldi has improved dramatically, and it will continue to do so.

Vivaldi moves to Beta

The fact that the Vivaldi developers have decided to finally make the switch to the Beta branch shows us that they have become much more confident in their product.

Some Linux users might object to the fact that it’s not open source, but many of the good apps on Linux are not, and that’s not really something we can do about it.

“After more than 2 million downloads of Vivaldi’s technical previews, the beta release marks the firm transition of Vivaldi from a tool for early explorers to a browser anyone can use to navigate the web with speed and power. The beta also introduces more features that transform your everyday interactions on the web – boosting productivity, efficiency and fun,” reads the announcement from the Vivaldi devs.

You can download the new Vivaldi Beta build right now from Softpedia and give it a try.

Via Softpedia

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