Linux News Today: Vivaldi Web Browser Gets Halloween Release, Improves Tabs Unstacking on Restart

The Vivaldi developers, through Olafur Arnason and Ruarí Ødegaard, have announced the release of two consecutive Snapshots of the upcoming Vivaldi web browser for all supported operating systems.

Released on October 29, Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.303.40 Beta Candidate is a pretty interesting build, as it introduces more improvements to tabs on the side, which were made scrollable again when there are too many, and removes the “X” button from the tabs, as it could be covered by the scrollbar.

But Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.303.40 Beta Candidate also brings improvements to tabs on the top or bottom, as the “X” button will now be automatically hidden for the tabs that are not active when they get small. On the other hand, the display of the “X” button has been prioritized for active tabs when the tabs are too small (the favicon is removed).

Of course, this means that Vivaldi users will get a better tab browsing experience thanks to these enhancements, as it’ll be easier to close tabs when there are too many of them, and a lot harder to close them by accident. Furthermore, Snapshot 1.0.303.40 Beta Candidate of Vivaldi adds support for more import options.

What this means is that if you’re migrating from web browsers such as Opera 12 and other Chromium-based Opera to Vivaldi, you’ll now be able to import things like bookmarks, web history, etc. Additionally, it is now also possible to import stuff from Opera 12 standalone (USB) installs.

Happy Halloween from Vivaldi

The Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.303.48 Beta Candidate 3 was released on October 30, 2015, and it adds more improvements to the tab browsing functionality, especially when unstacking tabs after a restart. A crash that occurred during the generation of thumbnails for notes has been fixed too. In the end, the Vivaldi developers wish everyone a happy Halloween.

“Hey, we couldn’t let the weekend start without just one more build! We fixed a nasty issue a couple of you noticed where tabs broke out of a tab-stack after restart. There was also a crash that happened after generating a thumbnail for a note that we fixed. Happy bug-hunting and have a Halloweenish weekend,” said Olafur Arnason.

You can download Vivaldi Snapshot 1.0.303.48 Beta Candidate 3 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia, just please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release version of the web browser. Thus, we don’t recommend installing it on production machines where stability is of the essence.

Via Softpedia

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