Linux News Today: Warsow 2.0 First-Person Shooter Game Released with Over 150 New Features

The first day of December was a generous one for Linux software releases, and today we’re glad to inform our readers that the Warsow 2.0 first-person shooter (FPS) game has been officially released, and it is now available for download.

Warsow 2.0 has been officially released on December 1, 2015, and it comes after more than a year and half of hard work, bringing over 150 changes, which include improvements, new features, and bugfixes. There are so many new features implemented in the massive Warsow 2.0 release that the developers can’t even list them all.

“Warsow 2.0 is released after a year and half of continuous development and multiple community betas. Listing individual changes and improvements of over 150 featured in the release would take too much space and time, so here are some most prominent ones,” reads the forum announcement.

Prominent features of Warsow 2.0 include a new Tutorial level that teaches new users how to play game, revamping of numerous graphical effects, including Lasergun and Electrobolt beams, hit and stun indicators, as well as gibs, and multiple renderer optimizations that increase the performance of the game with up to 50%.

Download Warsow 2.0 for Linux, Mac, and Windows

Furthermore, Warsow 2.0 tweaks many weapon parameters, making the game more fun to play and improving the balance, revamps the spaw algorithm, introduces a new challenging flipped mode, adds a color grading profile to the maps, adds two new HUDs, and implements a contextual voicecomm menu for cooperative gameplay.

You can download Warsow 2.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia. Below, we’ve attached the entire changelog of Warsow 2.0 for your viewing pleasure, which is a recommened reading if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed in the game.

Warsow 2.0

Warsow 2.0

Via Softpedia

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