Linux News Today: Watch: A World Without Linux Is a World Without the Internet

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the first Linux kernel release (do not confuse it with the anniversary of birth of Linux kernel, on August 25), the Linux Foundation non-profit organization debuts the world’s first Linux animated video series.

Entitled World Without Linux and created by the beautiful Amelia Lorenz, a very talented animator working for Disney, the six-part series follows two characters, Sam and Annie, who attempt to show us a world without Linux. The first episode has been published today, October 5, and you can watch it at the end of the article.

“How many times did you use Linux this morning? Chances are you used Linux a lot as you went through your morning routine, from checking your phone to switching on your TV to hear the morning’s news as you ironed your shirt or made your coffee,” says Jennifer Cloer, Sr. Director of Communications & Community at Linux Foundation.

A world without Linux is hard to imagine

In the first, one-minute-long episode of World Without Linux, you see Sam and Annie sitting on a couch in front of their TV. Annie asks Sam the name of a song played by Michael Jackson, an answer that would force Sam to drive to the nearest public library, stay hours in traffic, and then spend another few searching for the answer.

The conclusion of this first episode is that a world without Linux would mean a world without the Internet, as it would have taken Sam and Annie only a few seconds to search the name of the song on the World Wide Web. A world without Linux is very hard to imagine, and we should be thankful to the hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies that support it.

As a bonus, Linux Foundation has prepared a nice interview with the creator of the World Without Linux animated series. We will now let you enjoy the video, and make sure that you keep an eye open on this space for upcoming episodes. You can also search it on Twitter using the #WorldWithoutLinux hashtag. Enjoy a world powered by Linux!

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