Linux News Today: Watch: Ubuntu MATE Desktop Running on Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu Touch

Today we’re continuing our “Watch” series of articles with a quite interesting one that we have spotted earlier on the official Twitter account of the Ubuntu MATE project.

In the video attached at the end of the article, you can see how easy is to run a full-featured Ubuntu MATE operating system on an Ubuntu Touch-powered Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition smartphone.

Just like you, we had our doubts when reading the title of the tweet posted by Martin Wimpress on Twitter, but it would appear that you can now run the Ubuntu MATE desktop on top of an Ubuntu Phone.

However, it would appear that the Ubuntu MATE desktop used is a bit old, as it runs the MATE 1.8.2 desktop environment, with only a limited set of applications, including LibreOffice, Caja, and MATE Terminal.

Moreover, it looks like the interface is not themed, but that is most probably because Ubuntu Touch’s XMir implementation is not mature enough to support GTK+ theming at the moment of writing this article.

We’ve talked about Ubuntu Touch’s ability to run X11 applications a while ago, but it looks like some folks can’t wait for Canonical to finish the implementation, and started to test it out.

The video was made and posted today, December 30, 2015, by Mr. Reiner Klenk, who apparently recorded it with another Ubuntu Phone, and you can enjoy it below. Have fun!

Via Softpedia

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