Linux News Today: What's the Game or App That Would Convince You to Drop Windows?

One of the reasons why some users are not dropping Windows right now and adopting Linux is because of a particular game they love and play. So, what is the game that’s keeping you from switching to Linux and total freedom?

When we ask people why they are not using Linux we often hear this particular one. The game that I love and play is not available for Linux and I can’t drop Windows. I, for one, I’m using Windows just for a single game, Fifa 15. The fact that Fifa 16 is coming in just a few days is not helping either. I don’t like consoles, I’m a PC fan and will probably remain like this for a long time.

I’m using Linux most of the time, with the exception of Fifa and maybe a couple of others. Those two don’t really matter and if Electronic Arts as much as hints at Linux support, I’m done with Windows for good. I don’t see a point in keeping around an OS that keeps tabs on what I’m doing and is sending that data back to the machine city. Linux provides the freedom and security that I crave, and I’m can’t imagine what I would have to use instead. Maybe FreeBSD.

Over the edge

A lot of publishers have been changing their policy, and they are releasing their games with Linux support. There are still a few big ones that are not even blinking in the Linux direction. Here are just a few of them: Activision, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.

Other like Blizzard are only half-way. They are not banning people using Wine on Linux anymore, and at least that’s something. They know we’re here.

For many gamers, there is just one game or franchise, so I’m here to ask you: What’s the game that would put you over the edge? If you have a single application (not game) that would do the same thing, you can send that too.

We’ll take your answers, and we’ll try to talk with all the publishers and studios, and hopefully will bring some good news.

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