Linux News Today: Wood Kubb Is a Small and Powerful PC Made from Wood and with Linux Mint

Wood Kubb is one of those things that you can’t quite put in a category, but it’s still fascinating. It’s basically a small and powerful PC in a cube-shaped case that looks amazing.

It’s difficult to understand why someone would want this, but at the same time pretty much anyone who will see it will want one of these. The Kickstarter campaign for the Wood Kubb asks users why they should settle for something boring and dull when they can have something that feels personal and warm? Their assertion is right on the money, and we have to grant them at least this: it looks beautiful sitting on a table.

I’m pretty sure that all kinds of questions are going through your mind right about now. They are pretty much the same ones when you spot a wooden bicycle, and you question the reasons behind that effort, but at the same time it’s difficult not to appreciate the craftsmanship behind that.

Wood Kubb is happening

The Kickstarter campaign for the Wood Kubb has been a success with just a couple of days before its finish, so we know that there are plenty of people out there who will have this small wooden PC on their desks.

“The computer is an everyday object and we are used to see a huge annoying PC tower under the desk. It is often ugly, noisy, unaesthetic and means a loss of space. We want to change your daily life and boost your mood. The goal was to find a solution for each of these issues. First, we drastically reduced the size and develop partnership with Intel to have the perfect motherboard. Afterwards, we optimized the space available by using the latest technologies to reach the best performances,” reads the Kickstarter project.

There are three different versions available, made from three different types of wood. We won’t pretend to know the differences between them, with the exception of the color, but at least one of those are built from a very rare tree. Also, the specifications vary. Users will get to choose between i3-4010U and i5-4250U processors, 8 and 16 GB of RAM (Kingston DDR3 at 1600 MHz), Intel HD Graphics 4400 or 5000, 128 GB of SSD storage, and most importantly, a choice between Windows 10 and Linux Mint.

The launch date for this small PCs that seem to be more like pieces of art is December 2015.

Wood Kubb

Wood Kubb


Via Softpedia

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