OpenSUSE Leap Namanya!

OpenSUSE 42 yang kami kabarkan kemarin sudah mempunyai nama. Namanya OpenSUSE Leap!

Berikut kutipan pengumumannya

Hi all,
Drum roll please.

First we would like to thank everyone who participated in the naming
discussion [1][2] for the input and for entrusting the board to bring
the process to a conclusion. After due deliberations and consulting
with the release and maintenance teams we have decided the name and
version of the next release should be

openSUSE Leap 42.x

We felt that Leap, with reference to motion, i.e. how the distribution
moves forward, provides a nice contrast to Tumbleweed. It also
represents that we are taking a leap to get there.
It does not cast is into a mold that would set the precedence of
openSUSE <plant_name> which we think would have encouraged a regular
debate as new <plant_names> were considered for each product or
release to go with the theme.
Finally it leaves the door open for plenty of options should there be
other efforts to create an openSUSE release based on Factory snapshots
at some point in the future.

As far as the version number is concerned we concluded that 42 is a
great starting point due to the historical reference in the project.
It’s quirky and we felt it suits us well. We deliberated other options
such as starting at 1.x or some other arbitrary number such as 22 but
we preferred 42. Additionally 42 has already gotten some notoriety and
thus we might as well stick with it. In the end we all know the number
is more or less arbitrary and the important point is that it increases
going forward 😉

.x is used to indicate the service pack of SLE from which the sources originate.
We expect the first release to be 42.1 because we intend to have the
release aligned and sharing code with SLE 12 SP1.
The major version will increase alongside the major version of the
shared SLE sources, therefore a SLE 13 SP2 servicepack based release
would be named openSUSE Leap 43.2

Thanks again to everyone for helping out. Special thanks to Rainer
Fiebig, a new contributor who after seeing a news article about
‘openSUSE 42’ joined our mailinglist and proposed this new name for
our new baby.

The openSUSE Board

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