Canonical Will Use OnePlus One & Sony Devices to Demo Latest Ubuntu?

ubportsDevices from Sony, OnePlus One and Fairphone (also BQ) will demonstrated the latest Ubuntu Touch later this month. According to OMGUbuntu, Canonical are planning to featuring the work of their community Ubuntu Porting Programme on their booth at Mobile World Congress this year.

Ubuntu booth will host devices from Fairphone, OnePlus One and Sony, with the latest Ubuntu Touch operating system that developed by the community of UbuPorts Project.

This UbuPorts Project basically is volunteer-led effort to rebuild and repackage the OS on to pre-existing Android devices, with encouragement and supported by Canonical back in 2013.

As far as I know, UbuPorts also very busy working on build for another Phone, like LG Optimus L90 and Fairphone 2. Awesome!

I hope they will considering to porting Ubuntu Touch to Android One devices, that booming in India and Indonesia!

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