Linux News Today: After Months of Hard Work, OpenMandriva Now Has Its Own Development Environment

Softpedia has been informed today, April 18, 2016, by the OpenMandriva Team about the project’s brand-new and fully functional development environment, dubbed ABF (Automated Build Farm).

Until today, OpenMandriva used ROSA Project’s ABF platform to build previous versions of its GNU/Linux operating system, OpenMandriva Linux, the predecessor of the now deprecated Mandriva, which was previously known as Mandrake Linux. But as of today, the OpenMandriva development team has its very own ABF platform.

It took them several months of hard work to achieve this goal, but now the OpenMandriva devs are proud to have their very own development environment that supports all steps for building modern Linux kernel-based OSes, from managing and compiling the source code into binaries and creating working repos for distributing the packages to users, to building the ISO images.

“Our hat goes off to Alexey Vokhmin (Avokhmin), Alexander Khryukin (Fedya), HisShadow, Tomasz Pawel Gaic (TPG), Bernhard Rosenkränzer (Bero) and all the valued people who invested their nights and days to make this possible!,” said Kate Lebedeff, Manager, Moderator, and Contributor at OpenMandriva.

Anyone can use OpenMandriva’s ABF for their own projects

The best part of today’s announcement is that anyone will be able to use OpenMandirva’s Automated Build Farm as a tool for their projects, either you want to fork OpenMandriva and create your very own GNU/Linux distribution, or for testing and educational purposes.

You can access OpenMandriva’s ABF platform right now at and start building your own OpenMandriva-based distro. In related news, the OpenMandriva Linux development was moved to GitHub, the widely used project hosting platform.

More details about OpenMandriva’s brand-new Automated Build Farm should be found in today’s announcement. At the moment of writing this article, OpenMandriva Lx3 Linux is now in Beta and it should hit final later this year with all-new technologies and software projects.

Via Softpedia

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