Linux News Today: AMD Releases New FirePro Unified Driver for GNU/Linux Operating Systems

AMD released recently a new version of its AMD FirePro Software Suite (a.k.a. AMD FirePro Unified Driver) for GNU/Linux operating systems, version 15.302.2301, bringing more improvements and bug fixes.

According to the release notes, the AMD FirePro Unified Driver 15.302.2301 update fixes a crash and some model rendering issues with the Maya 2017 computer animation and modeling software, and addresses an invalid error reported by the Tessellation control.

Support for dual GPU configurations was improved as well in AMD FirePro Unified Driver 15.302.2301 as no empty window will be shown on certain OpenGL applications when using Xinerama with X.Org Server 1.15 or later.

Other than that, it looks like a performance issue that occurred when waking the computer from sleep after executing a resource consuming 3D application was resolved, along with a deadlock problem in the OpenGL runtime, which happened when sharing a texture amongst OpenGL and OpenCL.

AMD FirePro Unified Driver 15.302.2301 is available for download from the official release announcement page for various GNU/Linux operating systems, and includes the display driver, OpenCL runtime, DisplayPort and HDMI audio driver, as well as AMD Catalyst Pro Control Center.

The driver is currently supported on 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 operating systems. Looking at the official installation instructions, we can’t help but notice that the SUSE Linux Enterprise and Ubuntu systems are not supported. Before installing this version, please be aware of the known issues.

Via Softpedia

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