Linux News Today: antiX 16 Linux OS Gets a Second Beta Build with Kernel 4.4.8 LTS, Many Changes

It’s been a little over two weeks since the first Beta build of the upcoming antiX 16 Linux operating system was announced, and now we can get our hands on the second Beta release.

antiX 16 Beta 2.1 has been released earlier today, April 27, 2016, and it looks like it brings some very interesting changes, such as the addition of a custom kernel based on Linux 4.4.8 LTS, re-implementation of udev because eudev caused very long startup delays on modern laptops with Bluetooth enabled.

Moreover, the Evince document viewer replaces qpdfview because it uses less RAM, the BleachBit system cleaning tool and Njam pac-man like game were removed from the default install media, the CherryTree note taking app was added, and the Dark theme received various enhancements, in particular for the Geany IDE tool.

“Full versions are available for both 32- and 64-bit processors. Both ISO files fit on a CD. Those who have antiX-16-b1 ISO files can patch it to b2.1 by downloading the patch and using xdelta3. This mainly fixes bugs found during beta1 testing,” reads today’s announcement.

There are many other small changes in antiX 16 Beta 2.1

Among other changes that landed in today’s Beta 2.1 build of the upcoming antiX 16 Linux distribution, which remains based on Debian Sid, we can mention better support for installing the LibreOffice 5 office suite, as well as a couple of other packages, corrections to the IceWM start icon, and an updated block-advert script.

The list of changes continues with EFI boot support for the live2usb (antixsusb) tool, several refinements and improvements to the localize-repo script, updated rc.local script to be executable, rebuilt of livestreamer, un-blacklisting of the b43 driver in the BroadcomStartup script, and various other small changes that you can see via the release notes attached below.

You can download the antiX 16 Linux Beta 2.1 ISO images for either 64-bit or 32-bit hardware architectures right now via our website, that if you want to take the distro for a test drive and report bug. Otherwise, we recommend waiting for the final release of antiX 16 to hit the streets, which should happen in the coming weeks.

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