Linux News Today: APT 1.2 Pushed to Debian Unstable, Now Handles Packages Without Description

A few hours ago, the APT devs announced the release of the APT (Advanced Package Tool) 1.2 into the unstable repositories of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

According to the internal changelog, APT 1.2 is a small release, which only fixes some issues and regressions introduced in the last 1.1 branch. For example, when searching, it is not possible to handle packages that don’t have a description, the apt-file 2.x series has been adopted instead of the 3.0~exp1 one, and the symbols file was updated.

Moreover, the M-A:foreign function has been updated to offer support for creating unknown architectures, the sourceslist-list-format entity is now evaluated in the vendor’s sources.list, it is possible to organize the list of sources to be built and linked, and APT now enables pipelining if the server runs on HTTP/1.1.

Last but not least, the liblz4-dev build dependency has been updated to version 0.0~r126, the right position is now returned in the APT::StringView::(r)find function, multiple identical apt-cache showrc entries will no longer be displayed, the action-merging function based on file-hash has been reverted, and the Simplified Chinese translation was updated.

The APT 1.2 sources are now available for download if you want to test this unstable release on your Debian or Ubuntu Linux operating systems. Debian Unstable users can upgrade right now via APT. However, we remind you that APT 1.2 is not ready for production.

Via Softpedia

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