Linux News Today: Arch Linux-Based Apricity OS Up to RC State, Passes the 100,000 Downloads Mark

The skillful Apricity OS team announced on the first day of May the release, and immediate availability for download of the first RC (Release Candidate) build of the upcoming stable Apricity OS operating system.

After being in the Beta stages of development for the past eight months or so, the Apricity OS GNU/Linux distribution, which is based on the powerful and flexible Arch Linux operating system approaches the end of its development cycle, and a final release should hit the streets in the coming weeks.

The first Release Candidate (RC) build of Apricity OS is finally here, and the distribution’s developers consider it a stable one, which means that if no major issues will be discovered during the testing period of the RC1 version, we should see first ever stable Apricity OS release hit the streets very soon after today’s announcement.

“This month, a lot of effort has gone into improving the development workflow and making a distinction between stable, tested features and untested features. The apricity-core repository has split into three separate repositories: the standard, unsigned apricity-core repo, a new signed apricity-core repo, and a signed apricity-core-dev repository for developers,” reads the announcement.

Apricity OS downloaded over 100,000 times

Apricity OS 04.2016 RC1 has quite a few changes compared to the last Beta release announced at the end of March 2016. As expected, more bugs and annoyances have been plugged, there are now even more touchpad and mouse drivers available, and multiple in-house built packages received improvements and bug fixes.

Furthermore, the GNOME edition of Apricity OS got a fix for an autologin issue reported by users in the last few weeks, and there’s also a patch for an issue with the Apricity Icons iconset, which outputted warning about missing size fields. As part of today’s announcement, the Apricity OS team is proud to announce that their operating system passed the 100,000 downloads mark.

Download Apricity OS 04.2016 RC1 right now via our website.

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