Linux News Today: ArchStrike Ethical Hacking Linux Operating System Gets Its First ISO Builds

The ArchStrike developers have announced today, July 25, 2016, that their Arch Linux-based operating system designed for ethical hackers now has official installation mediums as ISO images.

For those not in the known, ArchStrike was previously known as ArchAssault, of course, still based on the renowned, lightweight and highly customizable Arch Linux distribution. However, the goal of the project is to be a security layer to Arch Linux, offering a collection of over 1,200 security-oriented tools to ethical hackers and security researchers.

The ArchStrike 2016.07.21 ISOs are available for download today, distributed for 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (i686) hardware architectures, and are the first of their kind, which means that the ArchStrike team could make this a habit and release monthly updated ISOs with new tools and up-to-date software components.

Over 1,200 penetration testing and security auditing tools

Under its new umbrella brand, the ArchStrike project is promising users a bleeding-edge penetration testing operating system that is open source and free to use by anyone who wants to test and secure their infrastructure, as well as for any other pentesting or security auditing operation.

The new ISOs are using the lightweight OpenBox window manager by default and offer users a graphical installer to install the ArchStrike operating system on their personal computers. Before attempting the installation, please note that the root login uses “root” as both the username and the password.

On the other hand, the standard user login requires you to input “archstrike” for both the username and the password. Again, all the tools that are pre-installed in the ISO images have been optimized for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Lastly, you can write the ISOs on either USB flash drives or DVD discs.

Download ArchStrike 2016.07.21 right now via our website or directly from

Via Softpedia

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