Linux News Today: Beautiful Simplicity Linux 16.04 OS Arrives, Based on LXPup and the LXDE Desktop

The guys over at Simplicity Linux, a simple and beautiful GNU/Linux desktop-oriented operating system, have had the great pleasure of announcing the release of Simplicity Linux 16.04.

Simplicity Linux 16.04 is distributed in three main editions, namely Desktop, X, and Mini. The distribution has been in development for the past three months, since February, when it was initially released as Simplicity Linux 16.01.

Since then, the development team behind the Simplicity Linux project has managed to seed Alpha and Beta builds to early adopters and public beta testers who volunteered to help them polish the final release of the operating system before it hit the streets, which happened on May 2, 2016, after a small delay.

“Due to a hard disk failure on our production machine, it has been released a little later than we would have liked. As with recent versions of Simplicity, it is based on the excellent LXPup and uses LXDE as the desktop environment,” reads the announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Simplicity Linux 16.04

Being based on the excellent and lightweight LXPup GNU/Linux distribution, and built around the LXDE desktop environment, Simplicity Linux 16.04 is powered by a kernel from the 4.0 series (Linux 4.0.4) on the Desktop and Mini editions, and Linux kernel 4.4.5 LTS on the X flavor, which is the experimental branch of the OS, where all the bleeding-edge stuff happens before it lands in the more stable Desktop and Mini editions.

The Mini Edition, which was previously known as the Netbook Edition, comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash Player, the latest Mozilla Firefox version, as well as various web apps for the most popular services, including Google Docs, GMail, Spotify, and Dropbox. On the other hand, the Desktop Edition ships with full applications, among which we can mention LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, MPlayer, and GIMP.

Download Simplicity Linux 16.04 via our website.

Simplicity Linux 16.04 Mini

Simplicity Linux 16.04 Mini

Via Softpedia

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