Linux News Today: Calamares 2.0 Distribution Independent Installer Released for GNU/Linux

After being in development for the last five months or so, the Calamares 2.0 graphical installer for Linux kernel-based operating system has finally reached maturity and is now available for all OS vendors.

Calamares 2.0 is a major release, and it introduces a significant amount of new features and improvements, among which we can mention revamped partitioning functionality, which has been rebased on the library used by KDE Partition Manager.

The modules system has received a lot of attention for this cycle, and it’s now more flexible in design, giving users new ways of arranging as well as configuring jobs and views.

“After almost five months of intense development since the last maintenance release, Calamares 2.0 is a user ready product. It has been carefully engineered and thoroughly tested over many pre-release builds,” reads the announcement.

Post-install mode is now supported

Support for a post-install mode is also one of the highlights of Calamares 2.0, which transforms the installer into a first-run configuration utility. Furthermore, Calamares 2.0 comes with dozens of improvements to several modules, including but not limited to bootloader, displaymanager, and locale.

Calamares 2.0 is now the first graphical installer framework to feature a fully automated “Replace Partition” option that lets users reuse a certain partition as many times as they want for testing various Linux distributions.

Calamares is a highly customizable, out-of-the-box distribution-independent system installer used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems, such as the popular Manjaro Linux and Netrunner. Calamares 2.0 is now available for download from its website.

GNU/Linux distribution maintainers who use Calamares as their default graphical installer are urged to download, compile, and implement the 2.0 build as soon as possible. If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to report a bug.

Calamares 2.0

Calamares 2.0

Via Softpedia

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