Linux News Today: Calibre 2.50 eBook Library Management Tool Has Been Officially Released

Kovid Goyal has proudly announced today, January 29, the release of an important milestone in the development of the world’s most popular free ebook library management tool, Calibre 2.50.

Looking at the attached changelog, we can’t help but notice that Calibre 2.50 is quite a normal release that only introduces a few minor improvements, such as a new method for detecting ebook reader devices under the Microsoft Windows operating system, bringing better support for Windows 10 PCs.

Additionally, there’s now a new option in the Edit Book component that lets users insert an image as a full page image, framed text is now supported in DOCX Input if you set the same border style on paragraphs that are close to each other, and the PocketBook 650 driver has been updated.

Besides the new features, Calibre 2.50 fixes multiple bugs, such as an issue with empty paragraphs that had an empty line inside the rendered border, fallback of images in the PNG file format generated by the LibreOffice office suite, and a failure with the import of FB2 files with published dates.

More bugfixes, improves news sources

Calibre 2.50 addresses an error that occurred when attempting to merge empty HTML documents or HTML docs that contained only text, without tags, adds better support for non-ASCII library paths in Microsoft Windows systems, and makes the tag editor work correctly when handling custom columns separated by commas.

A private certificate is now used when attempting to download plugins via a secure HTTP connection, thus supporting Windows systems that do not have root certificates. Moreover, users will now be able to remove existing rating when working with Embed Metadata tools or Polish Books on EPUB files.

Lastly, Calibre 2.50 improves several news sources, among which we can mention Business World Magazine, New Scientist, Houston Chronicle, Scientific American, and Download Calibre 2.50 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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