Linux News Today: Calibre 2.54 eBook Manager and Converter Is Out for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Calibre developer Kovid Goyal has released a new maintenance version of his widely used ebook library management software for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

New features in Calibre 2.54 include the ability to configure the types of generated book covers, small improvements to the detection of note boundaries for pop-up footnotes in the eBook viewer, and the addition of a check in the Edit Book feature to verify empty links. Moreover, there are new options that allow users to control the scroll speed in flow mode for the mouse wheel and arrow keys.

Among other interesting improvements and new features, we can mention that the main Calibre window will no longer remain hidden during shutdown if the content server wasn’t stopped. Instead, a “shutting down” message is now displayed so that the user knows what’s going on, and the DOCX Input feature has received several improvements to ebooks with Table of Contents (ToC).

“When the document has a Table of Contents created using the Word Table of Contents tool, keep a reference to it in the metadata. This is useful when converting to old style MOBI and you want to precisely control placement of the ToC,” Calibre developer Kovid Goyal explains in the release notes for Calibre 2.54.

Bug fixes and new news sources

The last maintenance release of Calibre, version 2.53, was published three weeks ago, so there were a bunch of bugs reported by users that needed to be fixed. For example, the automatic mounting of various types of devices that didn’t work correctly under FreeBSD operating systems, or a problem with “url:file://” identifiers that prevented them from transforming into links.

Additionally, some rendering issues with the Fetch News dialog were fixed for HiDPI screens, the “–cover” command-line flag should now work properly with books that have their own covers, a rare crash that occurred when attempting to use the Conversion dialog was patched, and the PDF Output feature will no longer insert blank pages in text, at the end of a HTML file.

Lastly, there are a couple of new news sources added to the Calibre 2.54 releases, Mult Kor and Magyar Nemzet, and various other improved, including Endgadget, MSNBC, TIME Magazine, Nature News, The New York Times Book Review, and Folha de Sao Paolo. Download Calibre 2.54 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from our website.

Via Softpedia

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