Linux News Today: Calibre 2.56 eBook Management Tool Adds New Options and News Sources, Fixes Bugs

Calibre developer Kovid Goyal has announced today the release of Calibre 2.56, yet another maintenance of his acclaimed open-source and cross-platform ebook library management utility.

According to the changelog, Calibre 2.56 appears to be a pretty standard maintenance release. It only implements the ability for users to create keyboard shortcuts that allow them to minimize the main Calibre window more easily (can be activated under Preferences -> Keyboard -> Miscellaneous), as well as a new option under Edit Book that lets you view the full file paths in the Files Browser, not just the file name.

Calibre 2.56 also adds support for two new news sources, 1843 and Berlin Policy Journal, and improves support for many others, including Wall Street Journal (WSJ), TIME, Forbes, New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, Berliner Zeitung, as well as Tagesspiegel. Of course, it fixes various bugs and annoyances that have been reported by users since the previous maintenance build, Calibre 2.55, which was announced two weeks ago.

Bug fixes in Calibre 2.56

Among the issues resolved in Calibre 2.56, we can mention that the ebook cover download plugin that uses Google Images as a source now works again, and the TAB key will no longer cause partial scrolling while in paged mode in the E-book Viewer component. Moreover, it looks like among them there was a regression introduced by Calibre 2.55, which broke the url:http|… style identifiers in the Book Details panel.

The list of bug fixes continues with better support for detecting Kobo devices on Mac OS X 10.11.4 or later operating systems, and a fix for an issue with blank pages at the end of an HTML file in the PDF Output component. What’s more, Calibre no longer duplicates filenames in the Files Browser of the Edit Book component when there are multiple files with the same name.

Last but not least, Calibre 2.56 also patches an OS X bug by redirecting stdout/stderr to /dev/null instead of ASL because it is broken on some Macs. Fixing this bug should also prevent various errors that might have occurred in third-party plugins, which could have outputted many debug messages even if the app was not in debug mode. Download Calibre 2.56 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows right now via our website.

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