Linux News Today: Calibre eBook Reader and Converter Gets New Filters for the Library

The famous Calibre eBook reader, converter, and editor has received a new update and is now ready for download.

The latest Calibre iteration is not an impressive one as it doesn’t really bring anything of major importance, but it’s here nonetheless. As usual, there are a couple of new features and just a few fixes, but as new releases go, this won’t impress a lot of people.

The quality of the Calibre application is undisputed, and the developer has a hard time finding new stuff to implement. It already does pretty much anything that users want. In fact, it’s very likely that if you think you need something from Calibre, it’s already present.

A downside is that complex applications tend to gather problems and other various bugs and they need constant maintenance. That’s the reason Calibre has a new version almost on a weekly basis.

What’s new in Calibre 2.52

Another important function of Calibre is that of a virtual library for eBooks. All sorts of filters are needed for this work, and the developer has just made some improvements in this area.

“Allow creating rules to ignore files when adding books based on the filename. Useful when using the auto-add feature or when adding in bulk. Preferences->Adding Books->Rules to filter added files,” reads the announcement.

According to the changelog, it’s now possible to specify filters to control adding of books from directories, users can now copy the Table of Contents to the clipboard by right-clicking on it, the invalid (unidentifiable) cover images are now ignored, and an error that occurred when adding books with non-numeric series numbers has been fixed.

Also, the handling of toggle properties such as bold/italic/strikethrough/etc. when specified as document defaults have been improved, support for the q CSS length unit has been added, and many of the news sources have been updated.

You can download Calibre 2.52 from Softpedia, but keep in mind that this is just the source, and it needs to be compiled. You can also check our review of Calibre if you want to get a better idea of how this app works.

Via Softpedia

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