Linux News Today: Calibre eBook Reader and Editor Gets Better Sorting for Multiple eBooks

A new version of the Calibre eBook editor, viewer, and converter is now out, and the developer has added a couple of new features and quite a few fixes.

Calibre is a complete solution for all of your eBook needs and the developer seems to be pretty much done with the implementation of big features. The last significant feature to be added to the application is the ability to edit eBooks, and that happened more than a year ago.

That doesn’t mean that Calibre isn’t updated. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. The developer is pushing updates for Calibre on an almost weekly basis. Not all of these releases are glamorous, but most of the times they bring at least a couple of interesting items.

What’s new in Calibre 2.51

“When adding multiple books from a single directory, added the books in order of the last modified time of the book files. Add an action to the context menu for the search bar to paste and instantly execute the search,” reads the website.

According to the changelog, a regression in 2.50 that prevented a small number of devices from being detected has been fixed, a workaround has been implemented for PDF files with corrupted XMP metadata packets, generated by Nitro PDF, and the insides of heading/p tags are now beautified even when they are the only child of body.

Also, the published date is now downloaded properly from, an error that occurred when processing EPUB files that used non-ascii characters for their unique ids has been fixed, and some of the news sources have been updated or corrected.

You can download Calibre 2.51 from Softpedia, but keep in mind that this is just the source, and it needs to be compiled. For an automated installation procedure, check the official website. You can also check our review of Calibre if you want to get a better idea of how this app works.

Via Softpedia

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