Linux News Today: Canonical and Intel Train Companies on the Use of Snappy Ubuntu Core and IoT

Canonical and Intel continue to further their partnership in the IoT business, and the two companies have just recently completed a training session for developers at the Taipei Intel Technology Training Center.

It’s becoming obvious that the IoT industry is starting to gather some inertia, and developers need to be kept in the loop. For now, the extent of the IoT usability hasn’t been determined, and it looks like companies are still trying to find out what they can do with this technology.

Intel, for example, is taking advantage of the NUC platform to build IoT gateways, and they are using Snappy Ubuntu Core to power them. Since this a relatively new domain, it also means that developers need to learn about the potential of this technology straight from the source, which in this case is Intel and Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu.

Learning the ways of Ubuntu

Just a couple of weeks ago, Intel revealed that Snappy Ubuntu Core was working on the latest Intel NUC DE3815TY. That was clearly just a small example of the collaboration between the two companies, and it’s most likely going to be extended in the future.

Intel and Canonical organized snappy Ubuntu Core workshops at the Taipei Intel Technology Training Center, and in the event participated more than 60 industry OEMs and ODMs. This is actually a very large turn-up since we’re not talking only about individual developers, but companies.

“The full day workshops featured interactive presentations, discussions, and hands-on Intel® NUC device enablement – educating participants on how to deliver commercially viable IoT gateway solutions. This event introduced key IoT ecosystem players to how to develop, build, manufacture, support, and enable a continuous revenue stream for an IoT gateway based upon Ubuntu Core with ‘Intel inside,'” said Thibaut Rouffineau, IOT & Ubuntu Core Evangelist.

It might not seem like a big thing for regular users, but Snappy Ubuntu Core is not only for gateways that are normally used in enterprise settings. This might be the case for now, but Snappy Ubuntu Core can only be used on routers, robots, and pretty much anything that has a processor. This OS is going to become much more relevant very soon.

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