Linux News Today: Canonical and Samsung Forge Partnership, Ubuntu Core to Power Artik Hardware

Canonical and Samsung have announced a partnership to bring the power of Snappy Ubuntu Core to the Artik embedded hardware solutions from Samsung.

Samsung does more than just phones or TVs, and the company is really keen on entering the IoT market while it’s still young. The Artik embedded platform is the perfect way of doing this and from the looks of it, these solutions are going to run Ubuntu.

We’ve heard a lot about IoT lately, and many of you might be wondering what’s this all about. IoT means Internet of Things, and it’s actually a concept that brings together all the devices that have various uses, but also connect to the internet. All of these devices needs some hardware ready for IoT and Samsung is just one of the companies that want to provide the hardware.

Snappy Ubuntu Core to power Artik 5 and 10

The hardware is not enough, and Snappy Ubuntu Core is the perfect solution. This is a modular version of Ubuntu that uses snappy packages, which provides increased security, rollout functionality, and much more.

“Today, the ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core image will be released in the coming weeks to help developers design, develop and launch the next generation of IoT devices. This developer image will let developers fully and quickly utilise the power of ARTIK – a family of modules tailored for the Internet of Things (IoT),” the official announcement reads.

Since the ARTIK are really small and have a reduced footprint, the modules can be used in a number of devices like low-end wearables or powerful hubs with local processing and analytics.

In any case, it looks like Samsung now realizes that Snappy Ubuntu Core is pretty much the best game in town, when it comes to finding an operating system to run IoT solutions. This is likely just the beginning, and more announcements are bound to come soon as we approach the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will start in just a few days.

Via Softpedia

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