Linux News Today: Canonical Announces Snappy Sprint Event in Germany to Shape Up Universal Snaps

Today, July 5, Canonical’s David Planella has informed Softpedia about an upcoming event that aims to gather together developers and contributors from various well-known projects to work on shaping up the universal Snaps.

Last month, Canonical informed the media about Snaps becoming universal binary format for various GNU/Linux distributions that decide to adopt it in addition to various other similar formats, such as Flatpak or AppImage.

Snaps are currently enabled by default in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system, but Canonical made it possible for users of various other operating systems, including, but not limited to, Arch Linux, Debian, and elementary OS, to use it as well.

Now Canonical continues its work on promoting Snap and the Snapcraft tool that lets developers package their apps as Snaps to distribute them across multiple GNU/Linux distros, and they’re announcing the Snappy sprint event in Heidelberg, Germany, from July 18 to July 22.

“Snappy sprints are face-to-face events where multiple teams working on snap technologies, including Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, get together to plan, design and develop their next release and longer term roadmap,” said David Planella, Ubuntu Community Team Manager at Canonical.

Debian, KDE, MATE, and VLC contributors will be present

Earlier today, we had a chat with David Planella, and he confirmed the presence of various contributors and developers from popular open-source projects, including the Debian Project, KDE, MATE, VideoLAN (VLC), and many others, to the next Snappy sprint event.

And with this announcement, Canonical, and the Snappy developers, would like to invite contributors to other projects to join the Snappy sprint event in Heidelberg and work together to shape up the universal Snaps for users, as well as to improve the developer experience.

Canonical provides sponsorship for travel and accommodation to those who would like to attend but can’t afford to. As such, you can now apply for participation and sponsorship to the upcoming Snappy sprint in Heidelberg, Germany, right now using this form.

Via Softpedia

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