Linux News Today: Canonical Might Drop Ubuntu Discourse

Ubuntu Discourse was supposed to be a community hub for all things Ubuntu, but the project never really came out of prototype stage, and it’s probably going to be closed.

There are lots of Ubuntu-related websites out there, some bigger than others. The only one that has managed to stick around and become sufficiently important is, which is still going strong.

Canonical wanted to do something more focused and tried to build Ubuntu Discourse, which is a great idea, at least in theory. The problem is that not a lot of users know about it, and there hasn’t been much maintenance done. Since it hasn’t been properly advertised, the website now has low traffic, and the web components haven’t been updated in a long time.

Ubuntu Discourse is probably going away

Canonical is now discussing whether to close the service, and from what has been said until now, that seems to be a good possibility. It will take time until a decision is taken, but it’s probably for the best of a service that’s barely used. There are now other sources of information, and the landscape has changed to some degree.

“I’ve gotten poked at by the Discourse guys that the site is pretty much dead. The CSS is unmaintained, groups that committed to using the site never materialized, and, in general, the original vibe we were looking for seems to be centered around /r/ubuntu anyway. I’d like to propose a shutdown/tail-off this cycle unless someone steps up to fix the issues and drive the project forward,” Ubuntu developer Jorge O. Castro said on the official mailing list.

So, from the looks of it, Ubuntu Discourse is going away, although that might not be a bad thing altogether since it hasn’t gathered a lot of users anyway.

Is it just our impression or there’s nobody still using Ubuntu Discourse and needing it live?

Via Softpedia

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