Linux News Today: Canonical to Provide Certified Ubuntu Images for Oracle Cloud

Canonical and Oracle are now working together to provide enterprise users to better deploy large-scale workloads in the Oracle Cloud.

Canonical has been a lot in the news lately with the cloud part of their business, and it looks like it’s going incredibly well. Ubuntu is a leader in a number of cloud deployments and only yesterday we found out that Microsoft is about to reveal the first Technical Preview of the Azure Stack with the Ubuntu distro.

This means that certified Ubuntu images are now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, providing Oracle enterprise customers with a new option for their workloads. Since this is Oracle we’re talking about, it’s easy to see why Canonical has managed to make a really good partnership.

Ubuntu is in the cloud

When you hear people saying that Ubuntu is dominating the cloud, they’re not wrong. According to their own data, 70% of public cloud workloads and 55% of OpenStack clouds run on Ubuntu. Also, a number of companies chose Canonical and Ubuntu for their business, the most notable being AT&T just a few days ago.

“The importance of certified Ubuntu images is growing as companies look for ways to streamline cloud development and drive flexibility into management of production workloads, whilst maintaining the highest level of security and stability. Canonical has worked hard to optimise Ubuntu images that ensure one of the highest-quality cloud experiences for Oracle enterprise Cloud customers,” Canonical wrote on their website.

Ubuntu in the Oracle Cloud makes a lot of sense, especially since Canonical is already a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). Also, since some of the Ubuntu OSes used in the cloud are actually LTS versions, Oracle clients will get support for five years for those particular versions; not to mention the fact that Canonical is about to launch a new Ubuntu LTS in a couple of months that’s going to be supported until 2020.

Via Softpedia

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