Linux News Today: Cinnamon 2.8.7 Desktop Environment Officially Released for Linux Mint 17.3

Despite all the hacks and other issues encountered with his popular Linux Mint project in the last few months, Clement Lefebvre has had the time to update the awesome Cinnamon desktop environment.

Cinnamon 2.8.7 has been introduced for the Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” operating system, which is the latest stable release of the Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution, and it brings quite some changes when compared with the previous maintenance build.

Looking at the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, we can notice mostly bugfixes, such as patches for issues with event handlers for teaching keybindings and with Menu Applet’s vfade in the program list.

“It was only showing when desktop zoom was turned entirely off.  We’ve reworked zoom since then so that the .applications key only determines whether we listen to key and mouse bindings or not,” said Michael Webster, one of the Cinnamon devs.

Moreover, the built-in magnifier now features the ability to limit the maximum zoom to a decent value, the screensaver’s proxy now correctly listens to the right service, and several issues of the layout have been resolved.

Cinnamon 2.8.7 now available for Linux Mint users

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Cinnamon 2.8.7 also addresses various problems with the Windows List applet, the layout.js, util.js, and signalManager.js files, as well as with cs_backgrounds:.

The D-Bus methods for screen capture have been fixed as well. Please consult the changelog below for all the tech-savvy details, and don’t forget to update your Linux Mint 17.3 “Rosa” operating system to Cinnamon 2.8.7 as soon as possible.

Maintainers of other GNU/Linux distributions can download the Cinnamon 2.8.7 sources right away via our website or directly from the project’s GitHub page and compile it for their users.

Via Softpedia

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