Linux News Today: Cinnamon 3.0 Desktop Environment Tagged for Linux Mint 18, Here's What's New

Linux Mint project leader and Cinnamon lead developer Clement Lefebvre has tagged the Cinnamon 3.0.0 desktop environment as ready for release on the project’s GitHub page.

Therefore, we’re happy to inform you today, April 25, 2016, that the development cycle of the Cinnamon 3.0.0 desktop environment has ended, and it should hit the stable repositories of various GNU/Linux operating systems, such as Arch Linux, in the coming days.

Cinnamon 3.0 has been tagged as ready for deployment in the upcoming Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” distribution, which should hit the streets this summer, sometimes around June or July, but we should be able to get an early taste in the coming weeks as the developers will announce the RC (Release Candidate) version.

Here’s what’s new in Cinnamon 3.0

As usual, we’ve managed to get our hands on the raw changelog of Cinnamon 3.0, which has been attached at the end of the article for reference, to tell you about the new features that have been implemented in this major release of the acclaimed and widely used desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions.

With updated dependencies on board and numerous bug fixes, Cinnamon 3.0 comes with multiple new features, among which we can mention an option that lets users display or hide the favbox in the Menu applet, the addition of new default application buttons, as well as support for displaying the panel-launchers actions.

The Sound settings have been rewritten in Python, and there’s a custom page that shows users when there’s no input devices available or if any apps are now playing. Additionally, the Sound panel received a custom settings box that should prevent the sound effects dialog to be opened in a very tall window.

In Cinnamon 3.0, users will be able to mute all volume controls at once, remote download artwork covers using wget, use the middle click action in the photo frame, rename battery powered devices, disable all extensions at once, and take full advantage of their laptop’s touchpad thanks to the new Touchpad settings.

Also new in Cinnamon 3.0, the “Natural scrolling” Touchpad option was renamed to “Reverse scrolling direction,” changed Spotify artwork is now correctly identified in the Sound applet, the cinnamon-bluetooth component was replaced with Blueberry, and there’s better handling of full-screen windows by the Muffin window manager.

Of course, there are numerous other small fixes and performance improvements, so we remind you again to check the changelog below if you want to know what exactly has been changed in Cinnamon 3.0. You can download the Cinnamon 3.0.0 sources via our website, but we suggest to wait for the new version to arrive as an update in the main software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution.

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