Linux News Today: Claws Mail 3.14 Email Client Lets You Secure Passwords with a Master Passphrase

A new major release of the user-friendly, lightweight, open-source, cross-platform and fast Claws Mail GTK+ email client has been announced for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems with new features and countless bug fixes.

Claws Mail 3.14.0 is now available as the latest and most advanced version, bringing support for securing passwords for your email accounts by using a Master Passphrase. Additionally, the password storage method has been changed and it looks like all passwords are now stored in a separate file under ~/.claws-mail/passwordstorerc, and a stronger encryption method will be used to secure them.

“Existing passwords are moved to the new file automatically, in the old format. The new format will be used whenever old passwords are changed or when a Master Passphrase is used,” reads the announcement. “All new passwords are saved using the new format, irrespective of whether a Master Passphrase is used or not. Further information can be found here:

Message view and compose window improvements

Another interesting change in the Claws Mail 3.14.0 release is the removal of the outer scrollbar from the header area of the compose window, and the HTML to plain text converter of the Message view will now show list items with a hyphen (-), indents text within blockquotes, and adds a line break after ,.

There are also over 20 bug fixes for some of the most annoying issues reported by users since the previous maintenance update, and lots of other improvements that you can see in the changelog attached below for your viewing pleasure. Download Claws Mail 3.14.0 right now via our website or install it from the main repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution. If it’s not there, please check again in a few days.

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