Linux News Today: Clementine 1.3 Free Music Player Is a Massive Release with Over 150 Changes

The final release of the Clementine 1.3 open-source and multiplatform music player software has been released today for all supported operating systems, bringing dozens of new features and improvements over previous releases.

Clementine remains one of the most appreciated music player software for GNU/Linux operating systems, and the 1.3 milestone proves that the project remains actively developed, and it still receives top-notch features and functionality, rivaling some of the other offers out there.

Looking at the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, the new stable Clementine 1.3 branch adds over 150 changes, and among the major new features implemented, we can mention support for Seafile 4.4.1 or later cloud storage server, and support for the social networking service.

There’s now a new “Rainbow Dash” analyzer, Ampache compatibility is provided through Subsonic service, a “Psychedelic Colour” mode has been added to all analyzers, and compatibility with the Clementine Remote app for Android devices is now offered to users to allow them to control the music player remotely.

Ubuntu One and GrooveShark support removed

Among other major changes implemented in Clementine 1.3, we can mention the removal of support for the now deprecated Ubuntu One cloud storage service from Canonical and GrooveShark music streaming service, as well as for the Discogs database and marketplace for music, and the Radio GFM online radio service.

The GStreamer 1.0 and later multimedia backend is now supported by Clementine, along with TagLib 1.10.0. Numerous bugs reported by users since the Clementine 1.2 stable release got fixed, new lyrics sources are available, m4b support is also there for non-DRM files, and users will find two new equalizers, HipHop and Kuduro.

Lastly, Clementine 1.3 adds “love” and “ban” global shortcuts for the music streaming service, support for “original year” tags, sample rate selection, “Smart Playlists” for the Subsonic media streamer, a track intro mode, and IDv3 tag lyrics support. Download Clementine 1.3 for GNU/Linux, as well as Mac OS X and Windows OSes.

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