Linux News Today: Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 Out Now with NILFS2 Support, NVMe Device Cloning

Clonezilla Live and GParted Live developer and maintainer Steven Shiau was proud to announce the release and immediate availability for download of Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20.

Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 is now the current stable and most advanced release of the project, based on the Debian Sid software repositories as of February 3, 2016, and Linux kernel 4.3.3, which changes the default union file system to overlay (e.g. use “union=overlay” when editing the boot parameter manually).

“No more using “union=aufs”. Due to the linux kernel change in Debian repository, no more i586 linux kernel, so now Debian-based Clonezilla live is only released with 3 architectures: i686, i686-pae and amd64,” said Steven Shiau, Clonezilla Live developer, in the release announcement.

Among other new features implemented in Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20, we can mention support for the NILFS2 file system (nilfs-tools is included), support for cloning NVMe devices in ocs-onthefly, which also supports different types of disk cloning operations, such as nvme0n1 -> sda or vice versa, and Partclone 0.2.87-drbl2 with a FAT16 patch.

Clonezilla Live has better support for GPT partitions

Also new in Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 is the ability to run the ocs-install-grub command on GUID Partition Table (GPT) disks that have a special “bios_boot” partition, there’s also a new option in the ocs-sr and  drbl-ocs tools (“-scs”) making it easier to determine the differences between restoring and saving disk images.

Last but not least, Clonezilla Live now automatically checks the integrity of a disk image before restoring it, but users can skip this using the “-scr” option, the fancontrol and fatresize packages have been added, and the swapfile.sys file removed in the ocs-rm-win-swap-hib command. Download Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20 via Softpedia and check the changelog below to see what bugs have been fixed.

Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20

Clonezilla Live 2.4.5-20

Via Softpedia

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