Linux News Today: Corebird 1.3 Native Linux Twitter Client Released with Self-Retweeting Support

A new stable release of the Corebird native GTK+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop, version 1.3, has been made available on the project’s homepage for various GNU/Linux operating systems.

Corebird is currently the most full-featured native Twitter client for Linux distributions. Its modern design, support for multiple Twitter accounts, ease of use, and unique features make it the best and most advanced Twitter client you can install on a Linux kernel-based operating system.

The new release, Corebird 1.3, is here to add even more goodies to the open-source software, such as the ability to retweet your tweets (self-retweeting), support for muting Twitter users whose tweets you don’t want to see, as well as the option to query full-length Direct Messages (DMs).

Text will now be saved in the compose window if you cancel it

Among other new features implemented by the Corebird developers in the 1.3 update, we can mention the ability for the application to save the text written in the compose tweet window when accidentally clicking on the cancel button, as well as support for HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) videos as Twitter deprecates support for MP4 videos starting August 1, 2016.

Other than that, it looks like Corebird 1.3 no longer relies on the libgee library from the GNOME project, and the build system now automatically checks to see if gtksink is available. Last but not least, loaded inline media is now being faded. Download Corebird 1.3 for GNU/Linux operating systems right now via our website.

As usual, all the details about the Corebird 1.3 release are available in the changelog below, and don’t hesitate to check out the project’s website for instructions on how to use and install the application on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, though it’s only supported on GTK-based desktop environments for now.

Corebird native GTK+ Twitter client for Linux desktops

Corebird native GTK+ Twitter client for Linux desktops

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