Linux News Today: Croteam Says Talos Principle Will Use Vulkan at Launch

Croteam, the studio that brought us the amazing Serious Sam series and The Talon Principle, are closely following the development of Vulkan and are prepared to use it.

Croteam is a studio that always managed to amaze people with its games and graphics, and crazy stories. The Talon Principle took everyone by surprise, and it’s considered one of the best puzzle games that have surfaced in the past few years, which is really high praise.

The reason we talk about Croteam in the Linux section is because they were also among the first major studios to port one of their games to Linux when Steam for Linux was still in diapers. Serious Sam 3 was the only triple A game on Steam for Linux for a long time, and they continued to update it and to improve the user experience.

Vulkan is the future

The studio was able to port Serious Sam 3 quickly to Linux because they were also using the OpenGL renderer, but a new star is rising. The same organization that also made OpenGL is now working with Valve on Vulkan, which is supposed to be the successor. Given their track record, it’s very likely that Croteam will be one of the first studios to provide Vulkan support in its games.

A user asked in the Steam forums if Serious Engine 4 would use the same engine as The Talos Principle and they said no, but they also provided a little bit more info than that.

“SS4 certainly will not use the same version of the engine as Talos does. It will use a _much_ improved version. Exact details will be revealed when SS4 is officially presented. Talos will support Vulkan on Launch. SS3 not yet, but maybe later,” a Croteam developer explained.

Serious Sam 4 hasn’t been official detailed, and there is no date for Vulkan, but this is really good news nonetheless.

Via Softpedia

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