Linux News Today: Cutegram 2.7.1 Out Now, Work Starts for Cutegram 3, the Best Telegram Client for Linux

Aseman released today, January 12, 2016, the first maintenance release for the 2.7 series of his powerful, free, open-source and cross-platform Telegram client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, Cutegram.

According to the internal changelog (attached at the end of the article for reference), Cutegram 2.7.1 is a small release that fixes some bugs in the map, which made it blurry, improves the software’s window border on the Mac OS X platform, and fixes a problem with the mute and unmute functions.

Moreover, some issues with the tag and link highlighter have been repaired as well in Cutegram 2.7.1, along with several improvements for the TelegramQML and libqtelegram-ae libraries. Emojione has been added to the growing collection of emoji, and numerous other bugs have been squashed.

Users are being informed that Cutegram 2.7.1 is the last release in the 2.x series, as the development team will concentrate all of their efforts on adding new features and improvements to the next major version of the software, Cutegram 3, which should see the light of day later this year.

Until then, you should update your Cutegram installation as soon as possible by download the Cutegram 2.7.1 release for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia or directly from the project’s website. Happy telegraming!

Via Softpedia

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