Linux News Today: Debian-Based RebeccaBlackOS Wayland Live CD Gets the Enlightenment 0.20 Desktop

Some of you out there might remember the RebeccaBlackOS project, a GNU/Linux distribution based on the acclaimed Debian operating system and designed to showcase the latest Wayland technologies on top of the Enlightenment desktop.

Well, it looks like after more than two months of silence, the project has been updated and a new RebeccaBlackOS Live ISO images are available for download for those of you want to get a taste of the latest Wayland, Enlightenment, GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma, and Debian GNU/Linux technologies.

The RebeccaBlackOS 2016-02-08 release ships with the master branches of the Wayland display server and Weston compositor, and enables Wayland for the Clutter, SDL, GTK+, Qt, EFL/Elementary, FreeGLUT, GLFW, MPV, and GStreamer software. Support for native Calligra and KDE Frameworks Wayland programs is also present.

Among the supported Wayland desktops environments included in the RebeccaBlackOS 2016-02-08 Live CD, we can mention Weston’s Example Desktop, Orbital, Hawaii, Papyros, GNOME Shell, Enlightenment E20, as well as the Sway and Orbment tiling window managers.

Among other features implemented in this new release of the RebeccaBlackOS Live CD, there’s a new graphical utility for setting up udev for Weston multi-pointer and multiseat, a simple, yet fully functional Wayland login manager that features session selection and user switching support, as well as an RDP-enabled Weston build.

Download the 32-bit and 64-bit RebeccaBlackOS 2016-02-08 Live ISO images.

Via Softpedia

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