Linux News Today: Debian Makes It a Lot Easier for Users to Install the Tails Anonymous Live CD

As many of you may know, Tails, also dubbed by its authors “the amnesic incognito live system,” is a GNU/Linux Live CD distribution based on the Debian operating system and designed to keep you anonymous online at all times.

Probably the most important part of the Tails Live CD is that it is driven by the well-known Tor Project, which gives users instant and free access to the anonymous Tor network you may have seen in the movies.

Now, we all know how to write a Live ISO image on a USB key or a CD disc, right? But what you probably don’t know is that there’s an app for that, called Tails Installer, which the skilled Debian Privacy Tools maintainers team included in Debian repos.

“The previous process for getting started with Tails was very complex and was problematic for less tech-savvy users,” developers explained. “It required starting Tails three times, and copying the full ISO image onto a USB stick twice before having a fully functional Tails USB stick with persistence enabled.”

Installing Tails from Debian is a lot easier

Yes, you’ve heard that right. It is no longer difficult to get a fully-functional and ready-to-use Tails Live USB disk that features persistence, which means you’ll be able to save all the data and settings during your live, incognito session, and then reuse the stick at a later time without having to setup everything again.

Considering the fact that we’re being tracked these days by government agencies and several other online services, using an anonymous operating system seams like a very good idea, and it might just become the norm in the very near feature. Don’t forget that Tails is Edward Snowden’s favourite Anonymous Live CD.

Via Softpedia

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