Linux News Today: Docker 1.11 Linux Container Engine Brings over 90 Changes, Adds ARM64 Support

Delayed for one day, the major Docker 1.11 release of the open-source application container engine has been released today, April 13, 2016, and has been made available for download for all supported platforms.

Docker 1.11 is the result of a month’s work, during which it received a total of five RC (Release Candidate) builds. It has thus brought over 90 changes amongst various areas of the Linux container engine, including but not limited to builder, client, distribution, logging, networking, plugins, runtime, security, and volumes. But as usual, the biggest change is addressed to Linux users.

“With Docker 1.11, a Linux docker installation is now made of 4 binaries (docker, docker-containerd, docker-containerd-shim and docker-runc). If you have scripts relying on docker being a single static binaries, please make sure to update them. Interaction with the daemon stay the same otherwise, the usage of the other binaries should be transparent,” reads today’s announcement.

What’s new in Docker 1.11

Release highlights of Docker 1.11 include the ability to set the Domainname and Hostname separately via the API, support for using a SOCKS proxy, and support for external credential stores. Also worth mentioning are support for displaying the list of mounted volumes inside a container, the ability to view the Docker root directory location, OAuth support for registries, as well as support for sending logs to Google Cloud.

Other noteworthy features are the ability to build the command-line client on OpenBSD operating systems, support for building Docker on ARM64 (AArch64) hardware architectures, proper management of a systemd service’s processes cgroups, initial support for the IPVlan and MacVlan network drivers, IPv6 Service Discovery support in the embedded DNS server, and many more listed in the changelog below.

Download Docker 1.11.0 right now via our website.

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