Linux News Today: Docker 1.12 App Container Engine Officially Released with Built-in Orchestration

Docker, the award-winning and widely-used open-source application container engine, has just released a major milestone that introduces approximately 100 changes since the previous stable update.

That’s right, Docker 1.12.0 is finally here after being in development for the past two months, during which it received a total of five Release Candidate (RC) builds that have been seeded to public testers and those who wanted an early taste of what’s coming to the final Docker 1.12 release.

“We wanted to thank everyone in the community for helping us achieve this great milestone of making Docker 1.12 generally available for production environments. Docker 1.12 adds the largest and most sophisticated set of features into a single release since the beginning of the Docker project,” reads the release announcement.

What’s new Docker 1.12.0

Release highlights of Docker 1.12.0 include built-in orchestration, which has been declared ready for production, a brand new Swarm Mode, built-in routing mesh, numerous networking security improvements, as well as the ability to build Docker images with the new HEALTHCHECK dockerfile command, which supports user-defined healthchecks.

Moreover, Docker 1.12.0 ships with support for creating Docker swarms, creating a service, scaling the service to two instances, as well as removing the service, a brand new plugin command for managing plugins with the install, enable, disable, set, rm, and inspect subcommands, and numerous other goodies that you can view in the changelog attached at the end of the article.

Docker 1.12.0 can be downloaded right now for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X (Darwin), and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Binaries are available for both 64-bit and 32-bit platforms, and you can also download the sources. We recommend that you update your Docker installation to version 1.12.0 or later builds as soon as possible.

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