Linux News Today: EasyTAG 2.4.1 Free Audio Tag Editor Handles FLAC Files with Invalid Sample Rates

EasyTAG developer and maintainer David King has announced the immediate availability for download of the first maintenance release of the EasyTAG 2.4 open-source tag editor utility for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and other audio formats.

According to the release notes, EasyTAG 2.4.1 is here to add support for handling FLAC files that contain an invalid sample rate, addresses an issue with the order of the generated playlists, implements support for using the GLib filename encoding consistently, and patches a crash that occurred during playlist writing.

Moreover, the right encoding is now used when attempting to write ID3v2.4 tags, a linking error has been repaired for Mac OS X operating systems, a CDDB fill fields error has been fixed, the fallback legacy locale detection has been greatly improved, and there’s better handling of the CDDB search categories and fields.

EasyTAG 2.4.1 also patches a crash that occurred when attempting to parse Opus files, improves support for trailing characters, revamps the support for encodings and locales, and drops support for multiple deprecated compatibility wrappers for the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Lastly, the release includes updates to the German and Swedish help translations, as well as to the Serbian, Catalan, Spanish, Korean, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian bokmål, and Polish language translations. Download EasyTAG 2.4.1 for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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