Linux News Today: Elive 2.7.2 Beta Is Out with Spotify Support, Improved Artwork, and Thunar Fixes

On August 14, 2016, the Elive development team was proud to announce the release and immediate availability of yet another Beta version of the Elive Linux operating system.

Elive 2.7.2 comes only three weeks after the debut of the previous Beta build, version 2.7.1, to implement out-of-the-box support for the popular Spotify digital music service, giving users direct access to millions of songs if they have a paid subscription, and a much-improved artwork, as both the system and icon themes were enhanced.

While still work in progress, it looks like the Elive icon theme now has default filetypes associated with them, intuitive widget icons, such as the trash one or those used for dialogs like warnings and questions. Additionally, the icons used in the Applications Menu were also improved, and some darker GTK themes were included as well.

“There’s a big work, but not yet finished, about the designs, especially for the icon set of Elive,” explained one of the developers in the release announcement. “Like the design of icons, the theme for GTK applications (most of them) are improved too, but there’s also other ones included with verified compatibility and correct looking, like darker themes.”

Thunar gets new capabilities, GIMP receives updated configuration

Also new in the Elive 2.7.2 Beta release is an improved Thunar file manager, which received the ability to open Enlightenment’s Terminology terminal emulator application by default, along with support for opening the terminal as root (system administrator), and the GIMP image editor now comes with an improved configuration by default, allowing users to undelete more files and use the single window mode.

Other than the above, Elive 2.7.2 Beta introduces fixes for some of the issues reported by users since the previous development build. If you wish to try this new Beta, you can download the 64-bit or 32-bit Live ISO images right now via our website and take if for a test drive on your personal computer. However, we have to warn you that this is a still a pre-release version of the OS, not to be used for production work.

Via Softpedia

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