Linux News Today: Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1 Adds Extended 3G Modem Support, Linux Kernel 4.1

Today, July 31, 2016, the Endian Team proudly announced that the Endian Firewall Community 3.2 GNU/Linux distribution is out of Beta and ready to be deployed in stable, production environments.

Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1 is now the latest stable and most advanced version of the CentOS-based GNU/Linux operating system that has been designed to be used in routers and network firewall devices. And it looks like it’s also a pretty major update that introduces lots of enhancements, many new features, as well as the usual under-the-hood improvements.

“Check out the new release today by downloading the ISO. If you have a 3.2.0 Beta 1 you can just register and run the updates,” reads today’s announcement. “The registration procedure is much easier now: follow the initial wizard and just with an e-mail address you can keep the system updated. Don’t forget to give us a feedback or report the bugs to JIRA.”

Here’s what’s new in Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1

Release highlights of the Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1 operating system include support for modern 64-bit processors, extended 3G modem support, lots of updated drivers for supporting new hardware components, multiple security patches, and support for the Python 2.7 dynamic programming language.

Endian Firewall Community is now powered by a kernel from the long-term supported Linux 4.1 LTS series (the latest release is Linux kernel 4.1.29 LTS at the moment of writing this article). If you’re curious to know what bugs have been fixed in the Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1 update, we recommend checking out the full changelog.

In the meantime, you can download the Endian Firewall Community 3.2.1 ISO images right now via our website and upgrade your Endian Firewall installation as soon as possible. Please note that you can’t upgrade from the Endian Firewall Community 2.5, nor Endian Firewall Community 3.0 releases without reinstalling the system.

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