Linux News Today: Evince Document Viewer App Updated for GNOME 3.20 with New Features, Wayland Fix

The GNOME Project is working hard these days to promote the upcoming GNOME 3.20 desktop environment to the Release Candidate (RC) state, so we can’t help but notice that they’re updating many of the core components and apps.

Evince, the open-source document viewer used by default in a GNOME desktop installation for viewing all sorts of documents, including PDF, has just been updated today to version 3.19.92 (a.k.a. 3.20 Release Candidate), bringing a significant amount of new features and improvements, as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

Release highlights of Evince 3.20 RC include the addition of a popover for the Action and View menus, renaming of the ‘Links’ sidebar title to Outline instead of Index, support for detecting multi-page DjVu MIME types, as well as support for UTF-8 filenames on the Mac OS X platform to the comics backend.

Moreover, Evince now sports a systemd user unit that corresponds to the D-Bus session service, it displays the page label now instead of the page number in the ‘Find’ sidebar, adds a missing tooltips to the header bar, implements a Shift+Space keyboard shortcut for navigating back to the Presentation mode, and adds a shortcuts help window.

Text selection should work a lot better on Wayland

Besides all the new features and improvements mentioned above, the Release Candidate built of Evince 3.20 fixes numerous bugs and annoyances reported by users since the previous pre-release build, such as the text selection on the Wayland display server, translations in the thumbnailer help message, or text selections in annotation pop-ups.

There are several other bug fixes in this release of Evince, which you can read in the changelog attached below. In the meantime, you can download the Evince 3.20 Release Candidate sources via our website and start testing and reporting bugs, just please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release build and it might contain bugs.

Via Softpedia

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