Linux News Today: Excellent Music Player Clementine Is Getting Massive Update, No Indication of Launch Date

Clementine is one of the best music players out there and a new major update for it seems to be in the works.

Clementine doesn’t get the updates the community wants, but it’s nice to see that the developers are still working on it. Even if the latest stable version of Clementine was released almost two years ago, it’s still one of the best. It’s light, fast, and has a very clear and user-friendly interface.

The only problem is that some of the features are outdated and it requires more attention from the devs. There are also a bunch of bug fixes that need to be implemented, and many users have given up hope that an upgrade will ever be released.

Fortunately, the developers haven’t sat idly by and they have been working on version 1.3. It’s not ready, but we can take a look at what’s going to land.

What’s new in Clementine 1.3

According to the changelog, support is being added, Ampache compatibility and a new analyzer named “Rainbow Dash” are being implemented, a “Psychedelic Colour” mode is added to all analyzers, left click is added to fullsize cover on playing widget, the organized dialog is being improved, and an option to disable the pause notifications is being added.

Moreover, “no song details” is now playing widget option, the ability to remove unavailable items from playlist is implemented, Spotify tracks can now be added to the Spotify playlists by drag and drop, the ability to order podcasts by age is being added, IDv3 tag lyrics support and a huge list of bug fixes are being implemented, and some features are being removed (Ubuntu One support, Radio GFM support, GrooveShark support, and Discogs support).

All of the novelties listed above only scratch the surface of what’s been done until now, and the developers continue to improve it. Unfortunately, there is no indication about the launch date.

Via Softpedia

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