Linux News Today: EXTON Linux MultiBootCD Includes Porteus, GParted, PuppEX, 4MLinux, SliTaz and Tiny Core

After informing us of the release of the DebEX KDE Build 160102 and DebEX GNOME Build 160105 GNU/Linux distributions, Linux developer Arne Exton has now sent us details about the immediate availability of EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS Build 160106.

EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS is a Live DVD based on GNU/Linux technologies and designed from the ground up to ease system rescue operations for sysadmins by offering them a collection of six popular distributions that have been tailored for such tasks.

EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS Build 160106 comes after one year of development and replaces Build 150131 announced on the last day of January 2015. The Live DVD now includes up-to-date versions of all the pre-installed Linux kernel-based operating systems.

“A new version of EXTON Linux MultibootCD 6-OS is ready. Changes: New (latest) versions of Porteus, GParted, Puppy Linux (PuppEX Slacko), 4MLinux, SliTaz and Tiny Core. Note about VirtualBox: All systems but Porteus can run in VirtualBox. Why Porteus won’t run I don’t know,” said Arne Exton in an email to Softpedia.

What’s inside EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS

Among the GNU/Linux distributions included in EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS Build 160106, we can mention Arne Exton’s PuppEX Slacko distro based on Puppy Linux Slacko, Tiny Core Linux, Porteus, SliTaz, 4MLinux, and GParted Live. Additionally, the Live DVD includes a set of system tools, as well as other useful commands.

Arne Exton was kind enough to provide our readers with an in-depth article about how to install the EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS Live DVD on a USB stick, but you’ll need to download the EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS Build 160106 ISO image from our website first.

The Live DVD is supported on both 64-bit and 32-bit computers, and it supports legacy BIOS and UEFI systems, as well as any type of filesystem. More details can be found on the download link above.

Via Softpedia

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