Linux News Today: Fedora 24 Linux Default Wallpapers Revealed, They're Truly Gorgeous – Gallery

Fedora Project’s Sirko Kemter announced the winners of the community wallpapers that will be included in the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, due for release on June 7, 2016.

The Fedora 24 Linux distribution is currently in heavy development, and it only saw a first Alpha release until now, unveiled at the end of last month, so it’s now time for early adopter and public beta testers to get their hands on the Beta build of the upcoming Linux kernel-based operating system sponsored by Red Hat.

As with every new release of the Fedora Linux OS, the artwork is being tweaked, optimized, and revamped, with a new default wallpaper, as well as a brand-new set of supplemental desktop background images contributed by various members of the Fedora community as part of a well-organized contest.

“Voting is now closed on the supplemental wallpapers for Fedora 24. The results are available for all to see on the wallpaper voting app. In the Fedora 24 cycle, the Fedora Design team received 133 valid submissions from many existing and new contributors to supplemental wallpapers,” said Sirko Kemter in the announcement.

Here are the supplemental wallpapers of Fedora 24

In order of appearance, the supplemental wallpapers of Fedora 24 are Aurora over Iceland by Helena Bartosova, Sunrise in Florida II by afsilva, Lady Musgrave Blue by Lyle Wang, jellyfish by Allan Lyngby Lassen, old railroad by nask0, Argentina Glacier by Wesley Otugo, Iceberg in Greenland by lhirlimann, and Paisaje by Diego Estrada.

Continuing, you’ll see Tree in Winter by Franz Dietrich, waves by ali4129, Morning Dew on Leaves by sethtrei, zen by hhlp, Blue Deep by alyaj2a, By the lake by an unknown artist, mistogan by espasmo, and Ice Lake by Oscar Osta. There’s a total of 16 gorgeous wallpapers, so congratulations to their authors.

Right now, if you like any of the photos posted in the image gallery at the end of the article, and you want to use it on your current Fedora release, or any other GNU/Linux distribution for that matter, you can download them in full resolution. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until May 3 for the Fedora 24 Beta to hit the streets. Enjoy!

Lady Musgrave Blue

Lady Musgrave Blue

Iceberg in Greenland

Iceberg in Greenland

By the lake

By the lake

Via Softpedia

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