Linux News Today: Fedora 24 Linux Gets Another Set of Updated Live ISO Images, Download Now

Ben Williams, a Fedora Ambassador and founder of the Fedora Unity Project, reports on the availability for download of new, updated Live ISO images of the Fedora 24 GNU/Linux operating system.

Dubbed F24-20160808, the newly released Live ISOs arrived on the official FTP channels on the day of August 9, 2016, and they are available for the most important Fedora 24 Spins, including Fedora 24 Workstation (with the GNOME desktop), Fedora 24 KDE, Fedora 24 Xfce, Fedora 24 LXDE, Fedora 24 Cinnamon, and Fedora 24 MATE.

As usual, there’s also a DVD image that contains only source packages. These new respin ISO images contain all the latest software updates and security patches that have been pushed to the official repositories of the Fedora 24 operating system since the release of the F24-20160720 ISO respins last month.

“As always these respins can be found at,” says Ben Williams in the blog announcement. “Using the updated ISOs will save about 500MB of updates after install (Gold MATE install updates as of 20160808 is 577MB). I would like to thank the community and the seeders for their dedication to this project.”

Useful if you want to reinstall or deploy Fedora 24 on new PCs

As you might have guessed already, the F24-20160808 Live ISO respins are here to help those of you who want to either reinstall their Fedora 24 OSes because of various reasons or deploy the GNU/Linux distribution on new computers, without having to go to all the trouble of downloading hundreds of MB of updates from the repos.

They will save you a lot of time, as they are up to date. That being said, you can download F24-20160808 respin Live ISO images right now by clicking on the link above. Existing Fedora 24 users don’t need to download anything, just make sure that your installation is always updated with the latest security and software updates.

Via Softpedia

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